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Local Moving Made Easy with Mint Movers

Whether you are relocating to a bigger home, downsizing, switching apartments, or moving closer to work, Mint Movers offers you hassle free local moving within your City or State.

You will be delighted with our clear upfront quotes, no hidden fees, and trained professional movers. We always go the extra mile to protect your valued belongings to avoid the slightest damage.

How to Plan for Moving Day?

After doing 1000's of moves, we've put together an easy moving checklist for you. This will ensure everything goes smoothly on moving day. Planning early is essential to a successful, stress-free move. We recommend starting at least 8 weeks before your move. This detailed checklist will guide you to all the steps you need to perform leading up to the moving date. Keep this checklist handy at all times.

family packing moving boxes8 Weeks to Moving Day: Gather Quotes -Get price quotes from several different moving companies. Put aside some money to pay for the moving expenses. Organize all quotes and receipts for moving supplies in a dedicated file. Decide if you will pack yourself or will need a packing service. You may also need to arrange for temporary storage to keep your belongings if the new home is not move in ready.

7 Weeks to Moving Day: Select a Moving Company - Compare all the price quotes you received. Take into account the moving company's reputation and ask for referrals. Decide on your preferred vendor. Book your moving date.

6 Weeks to Moving Day: Notify Service Providers - Set up mail forwarding to your new address through the U.S. Postal Service website. Update your mailing address with your financial institution, Credit Card Company, and any professional associations you belong to. Cancel or update all magazine subscriptions. Contact all utility companies and arrange to have all utilities disconnected the very next after your move. That way you avoid being charged for utilities you will not use. Notify your doctor, dentist and vet of your move. Request copies of any legal and medical documents you need before moving.

5 Weeks to Moving Day: Sort & Purge - Take inventory of all your household items and perform a thorough purging. Get rid of old and broken items you don't need. Recycle old electronics and computers. Put up a garage sale if needed. Donate used clothing to your local Goodwill center.

young couple packing4 Weeks to Moving Day: Confirm the Details - Confirm the moving date and sort out all detailed arrangements with your local moving company. Inspect your car and have it serviced before the drive to your new destination.

3 Weeks to Moving Day: Start Packing - Take inventory of all your household items and buy all necessary moving supplies such as boxes, mattress covers, shrink wrap and packing tape. List the items you will immediately need in your new home and set them aside. These will be packed last in the moving truck for easy access. We recommend you take jewellery and personal toiletries with you.

2 Weeks to Moving Day: Final Preparation - Take your pet to the vet for a complete checkup. Pick up any items you had sent for repair or cleaning. Return any borrowed books to the library. Empty safety deposit boxes in your home if applicable.

1 Week to Moving Day: Finish Packing - Finish packing all large items so you can have a few days to relax before moving day. Confirm with your moving coordinator for exact pick up times. Be sure to give the truck driver all your contact details.

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