Packing & Moving Supplies

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Save Time with Our Professional Packing Service

With a packing service from Mint Movers, our highly trained moving experts can pack your belongings for you. This ensures safe and efficient transportation of all your items. Our trained crew will properly pack, wrap, and box all your belongings, saving you the time and inconvenience of doing it yourself. However, if you prefer to pack yourself, we are also your one stop shop for all your packing supplies.

Packing Supplies We Provide for You

If you choose not to use our service, here’s a list of the most commonly used items you will need to protect your belongings when they are transported to your new home:

Moving boxes: These come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different sized items. Some are specialty boxes designed for specific items such as clothes, dishes and lamps. To save time and money, we recommend buying a moving kit that includes these different boxes grouped together.

Here are the 8 different types of moving boxes available:

  • Small box - ideal for books, collectibles, family albums, and magazines.
  • Medium box - ideal for food, cans, toys, and kitchen gadgets.
  • Large box- ideal for clothes, linens, bedroom items, serving platters, and computer equipment.
  • Kitchen box- ideal for dished, china, glasses and cookware.
  • Dish pack box -used to separate dishes.
  • Wardrobe box - ideal for packing clothes, dresses, and suits.
  • TV box - designed to pack 40 inch TV's or larger.
  • Mirror box - Used for flat items such as wall art, pictures and mirrors.

mover packing boxPacking Paper: This is ideal for rolling or wrapping delicate and fragile items. Use crushed packing paper to line up your boxes for extra cushioning.

Stretch wrap: used to bundle large items together such as bed rails.

Moving blankets: Protect your items from scratches and dents while you're moving. After the move is over, moving blankets can be used during camping and picnics.

Mattress and furniture plastic covers: to protect your furniture and keep your mattresses clean.

Packing tape: to tape boxes shut.

Packing Tips: Room by Room

Here are some time saving tips for packing specific items for each room of your house:

packing suppliesKitchen - When packing small appliances such as a toaster or microwave, use the original boxes if you still have them. Protect breakables by stuffing packing paper or Bubble Wrap. Use dish boxes to pack plates, glasses, bowls and china. Dish boxes are conveniently partitioned to prevent your items from breaking during the move.

Bed & Bath - Leave your clothing inside the drawers instead of taking them out and unpacking later. Keep medications, toiletries, jewelry & sentimental items with you on moving day. Place shoes in the bottom of wardrobe boxes. Use plenty of packing paper around toys to prevent shifting and damage during transit. Wrap moving blankets around large items that do not fit inside a box. These include strollers and bouncers.

Living Room Furniture - Pack flat items such as mirrors and art work standing up on their edges using specially designed mirror boxes. Bundle up small home decor accessories together in one box, and place lots of packing paper in between. Pack tall lamps in lamp boxes. For computers, monitors, printers and other electronics, use the original boxes you purchased them in. Remove all cords and wiring and add clear labels to prevent mix-up.

Lawn and Garage Items - Make sure there is no gasoline or oil in your lawn mower, chain saw, weed eater or other lawn equipment. Use small boxes for heavier items and fill in any spaces with crushed packing paper. Group small garden tools together.

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